Safed, Israel

Squat in Safed, the best and cheapest view in town: our view from the partially sheltered roof of an abandoned apartment complex.

We’ve arrived at an ultra orthodox, Hasidic community. I’m a bit peeked at the level of garbage here. I have found that these pious people care more for Torah studies than taking care of their environment. There is trash everywhere-swept into alley ways or pushed into corners. It seems to just lay about, indignant and ignored.
Aside from the trash here in Safed and in many of the cities and towns I’ve visited thus far, as a nation, Israel is not cheap. On average a beer will cost you 2.50 American dollars and an ice cream bar a little less. However, for its several failings it is a beautiful, picturesque land. The people I have met are generous and sincere with a such unique dispositions. Check out the view from our abandon apartment home in Safed-charming mountain town indeed.


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