Kibbutz Sasa, Northern Israel

Here is a grand sunset, last week at Kibbutz Sasa; an extraordinary and charming retreat. We stayed with our most hospitable host, Yonatan.
For those who are not familiar, a kibbutzim are special communities in Israel where people work and live. In these communities it is important for everyone to work. Kibbutz Sasa specializes in factory work, armoring vehicles and agriculture.

Kibbutz Sasa was founded on January 13, 1949 on the site of the Arab village of the same name that was conquered by the Israeli Army during the War of Independence. The first Jewish settlement in the mountains of the Upper Galilee to be created after the War of Independence, Sasa was established by members of the Hashomer Hatzair Zionist youth movement of North America.

Yonatan, the head honcho in charge, graciously allowed my friend, Sam and I two nights in his guest house.
Thanks, again for the hospitality!
For more information on Kibbutz Sasa, click here to be redirected to their website.


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