The Best Kaiserschmarnn, Straight from Bavaria.

Star fruit , orange slice and ice cream

Star fruit , orange slice and ice cream

In the south of Germany, people like to eat a pancakes for desert. Wait! There’s a tasty twist: the “pancake” is shredded and tossed in hot sugar for a crispy, caramelized glaze. Warm Raisins and toasted almonds are traditionally mixed in. It is served with a side of sweet, roasted plum compote or apple sauce and dashed with confectioners sugar. In this land, known as Bavaria, the dish is called,


Serves 3, 1 cup portions

1 eggs

1/2 cup of all-purpose flour

 1/4 cup granulated, white sugar

1/2 Cup whole milk

1/8 cup raisins and almond slivers

  • First step is to separate the egg yolks from the whites.
  • add flour, sugar and milk to the egg yolks; add just enough milk for a pancake batter styled consistency, 1/2 cup for this portion should do. Whisk until all flour lumps are well blended.
  • Beat egg whites to stiff peaks.
  • Fold whites into yolk batter.
Stiff peaks to the left and blended yolk batter to the right.

Stiff peaks to the left and blended yolk batter to the right.

Now time to cook:

  • Heat skillet with oil at first, when hot add batter. A good tip is to add a little at a time so you can more easily control the  rate of cooking.
  • Once you’ve cooked the batter, take all the cakes off the heat and shred them by hand.
  • Clean the pan and reheat it with butter and a bit of oil. (to raise the smoke point.)
  • Once the pan is hot add the shredded Kaiserschmarnn and liberally add sugar so as to caramelize and give a golden-brown color.  
  • once this has been achieved, add raisins being sure not to cook them longer than a few more seconds.
  • Remove pan from heat. toss in almond slivers.

    Shredded and finished with more sugar to carmalize and add color

    Shredded and finished with more sugar to carmalize and add color

Dress the Kaiserschmarnn with powdered sugar, fruit, such as an orange slice or a physalis. Serve with a jam or compote of plums or cherries; Vanilla ice cream is also good.


another look.

another look.

An interesting variation to this is, the Apfelschmarnn which can be easily done by grating fresh peeled apples into the mixed batter before cooking. Use cinnamon and sugar when cooking the final stage for the Apfelschmarnn.

Peeled apples

Peeled apples

Devil's Bridge FS


(100% original recipe straight from Germany brought you by Joe Foley of, Foreign Sojourn with special thanks from Bachmaeir Hofbrau,  die Bayrische Lounge and Chef Robert Daser)


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