Highlight from the Journeyman Poet

I’d like to share with you a great piece from another wordpress site dedicated to poetry. http://journeymanpoet.wordpress.com/



 Tired of an elderly existence,
Brought on by an uneasy supposition of the future,
That does not even exist yet,
Who does not dream of a chemically induced refuge,
Who does not look into the eyes of the people,
Who waits tirelessly under a neon sign tree,
Tied, tethered by prejudice,
Wanting to but never knowing what fuels the
Money driven madman and his winding smile
To howl and whistle at the moon
At their opus in the arboretum of consciousness,
As the catamaran of missing opportunity,
Sails the vacuum of voyaging time,
Carrying on as though it were hysterical,
Reaping all that was sewn in the diabolical dilemma
The constant consortium of brothers and sisters,
Depths beyond apprehension,
Because comprehension is too vague,
And the meter is running,
And the dial is turned,
The switch had been flicked,
While the hard rain was falling,
White bed sheets jumped behind white walls,
Women to be inside, lay beside, kiss, tug, wake up with,
Stay behind in the confined existence of memory,
And the rest is a blur and conversation, not present,
Was alone remembering alone,
Then surfacing in the dim white haze of quantum capacity,
Rectified by the desolate highway and the night time sun,
Obtusely suffering in silent solitude, knowing only the form-fitting wind,
Seeping through the brevity of our time,
And the kingdoms fall as all fall,
But do not look away from those ashes falling into the sea,
They are becoming what they were destined to.


Very good Journeyman, that is all for now. Adieu!


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