Living this way is anesthesia;

Applied over the years,

It achieves a numbing effect,

Which blunts the perception of reality.

The nagging you feel,

The pangs of remorse-

It is your humanity,

It cries out with stifled screams;

Itself is starved and living in abject ruin.

We find the perpetrator,

And it shares bed with,

monotonous routine,

And it is akin to the likes of processed food,

And consumed,

But without a trace of nutrition-

The act of eating is pantomimed;

It can certainly fill a belly,

Though we are left hungry.

So it is said that one can be utterly sated,

Yet themselves be starving,

And this opiate dream persists,

Open your eyes to the world,

Through the media you view,

Be it cheap and censored,

You emphasize with false images,

And blind yourself with a dagger,

Handed to you be the very kind,

That has given you poison to sip-

We refuse each other,

And regard the other with suspicion,

The fact is that we would not be,

Without the other,

But the rogue shepard,

He in tall towers,

hath led his lambs,

to wolves of avarice,

To ravenous, bloodied wolves,

Intent on rending soul from self,

Arm yourself well against,

Their tearing teeth,

With compassion-

Indulge in art,

And things that aught not matter!

Bait cannot tempt,

Those that are free from want.


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