Dublin, Ireland: Day 1, Wolftone

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DAY 1:
Did I expect anything of you Dublin or did the exceedingly fair weather of Nice and Athens spoil me? It has been pissing like gods fury here. I even tried to smile as I walked up Phibsborough to Glasnevin Cemetery– but! I came to Ireland not for this beachy picture, I came here for research and to dig into some history. What I’ve discovered and learned of it so far has been sobering and has made my experience and ideas previous seem naive and childish-

Michael Collins and Eamon Valera

Eamon de Valera and Michael Collins

I got off a plane and slept in an airport as it was too late to get anywhere. It was drizzling. When I awoke later in the morning it was full on raining, I took a bus to Dublin and checked into a hostel called My Place Dublin. What a shit house. I couldn’t get into my room as it was 9am so I took a bus out to Naas and decided on my first visit: Theobald Wolfe Tone’s grave; the father of Irish Republicanism.
Now, this is a bit off the beaten path as it is a town or so north and if you are on foot, you gotta’ walk straight off the sidewalk, up a hill, skirt a pasture and hang a right on a small road.

I know this now in hindsight.

I walked 7km past my objective through the muck, and winding narrow, and sidewalkless road. All to nearly struck by semi’s and sedans alike. I made it to a town called Clane; the town had interesting points too, so my trek was not in vane.
I perused a ruinous Franciscan monastery dating from the 13th century, a small memorial to the rebels of 1798 and came to know that the The Great Irish Rebellion had begun in this town. I walked into a pub called Mackens, had a pint of Smithwicks and waited for a bus back the way I came to search for Wolf Tone anew.

Well, I caught the bus and found what I had been originally seeking. When I saw the site it was a bit depressing; the property hasn’t been kept well, save the memorial and tomb of Wolf Tone. Nonetheless, it is an amazing experience. To have read a bit of his work, to have read his ideas, his intentions and revolutions then to see and honor his grave is a remarkable experience.

So far, worth it. Went back to the hostel, all beat to hell from walking like a madman in the rain, bought and ate some grub, and fell heavily into bed. (that was as thin as a straw stuffed pallet.) That was the end of day 1 of my pilgrimage and day 1 in Dublin.


One thought on “Dublin, Ireland: Day 1, Wolftone

  1. Absolutely loved this post! For my undergraduate degree, I had to do an archaeological project on graveyards and found the whole experience very interesting. Thank you for posting this and I look forward to reading your posts in the future xxx

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