The Seaweed Bath at Strandhill, Sligo; Voya Seaweed Baths

I came down to Strandhill because I heard great things about the surf. (Specifically, from a bartender at Foley’s pub in Sligo center)- I came to the small coastal village via a Short bus trip from Sligo bus depot.  This city is located 2 hours drive north from the city of Galway, on the west of Ireland. I arrived and scoped out a few pints at  The Strand Bar,  then headed over to the surf shop and chatted to a few locals about the swell.

I was naturally curious about this seaweed deal, that I’ve heard from gossip and the local chat. The seaweed spa was locally famous and all agreed, men and women alike, that it was a must. I thought that I’d have to hike somewhere to get to one these spas but lo and behold, it was directly across from me!Voya Seaweed BathsIMGP2018

At a great cost, 25 euro, you are given a 50 minute detox and relax session. The attendant drew my bath and as I waited in the lobby, I helped myself to a mug of tea. The attendant led me to a private room where a steam shower was pumping out delicious humidity. Behind the door, lay too, a bathtub brimming with dark, tangly seaweed, stewing in the tub.

The run down was simple: open your pours in the steamer for 5 minutes than soak down in the seaweed-tub. She closed the door, smiling and courteous all the while and I began the session.

The feeling? Easing myself into the bath gave me a bit of a start, it was salty and mucous like and the seaweed felt like thousands of prickling and rubbing (inoffensively, mind you) rubbery branches. There was ambient music of waves lapping in the background. I closed my eyes and leaned my head and hair into the water for a soaking. I must’ve nodded off in some seaweed induced meditation- the 50 minutes sped right past!

There was no rush and the staff was friendly and approachable from start to finish. After the experience I felt completely charged and new. The price to value of the experience is remarkable; 25 euro is a pittance for how great you feel afterwards. Remarkable!

Events of Foreign Sojourn, Collage

Events of Foreign Sojourn, Collage


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