What You’ve Been Missing in DC’s Cleveland Park: Vace’s Italian Market

One of the reasons I miss DC and the Mid-Atlantic during my foreign sojourns is simply because of the sandwich. Nowhere in the world except here will you come across the plethora and diversity of mouthwatering bread, cheese and meat combos, hot or cold, fried or baked. In this cozy patch of Cleveland Park, the Italian sub is king. (The Redline Metro, one stop north from the National Zoo.)
This Italian market called Vace’s is an unassuming but friendly and inviting spot- They’ve got it all too. Fresh made pastas, cheese raviolis, tortellini, ground beef lasagnas, eggplant parmigiana, gelatos, and tiramisu, all ready for take away and or an authentic Italian evening at home. Just take a gander at the lines to be found there sometime, it’ll make you want to know what all the buzz is about.

When I look at all those fresh deli meats that are sliced fresh per order, all of those staple provolones and creamy mozzarellas, all of those savory salted anchovies, and all of those brine-cured black and green olives, I am impatient.

I ordered a sub and for just around 8 dollars, I get one of the best. Eat here and you’ll have a taste of ambrosia in the form of great bread stuffed with special, cured meats, imported cheeses, cherry pepp20130627-110806.jpgers, thinly sliced onions, shredded lettuce and a sprinkling of olive oil and vinegar. Try the prosciutto with Capicola.

Just of the redline Metro Stop at Cleveland Park, D.C. 202.363.1999

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Events of Foreign Sojourn, Collage

Events of Foreign Sojourn, Collage


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