The Sovereignty of The Green

 She is beautiful,

And she’s is sad,

I said,

And I turned to look away,

Across a great distance,

That was The Sea,

What is it of Emerald eyes,

That stare across rolling hills,

And wild callagh

Or blue eyes that gaze,

Steadily into a cerulean,


Soft clouds to rest my head upon.

The deepness of solitude,

The quietude of melancholy,

That steals over the heart

When I am not in your presence.

Dear Lady I have loved,

Do not scorn me for our separation,

For it was forced by the guile of another;

A circumstance that was not mine to control.


The Sea appears calmer,

The distance not as great as it once was,

And your beauty,

Charming all the more.

Allow me to love you,

For I have known you,

For so very long,

Bring me to your hearth,

Warm me by your fire,

And tell me your sorrow,

And of your brothers and sisters dear,

I wish them to be mine,

And be it so,

When one trespasses against you,

They too trespass against me.

And when I’m tired and must rest my shield,

Play the harp and refresh my tongue,

With the waters of your ever lasting honour,

And lay me down content in the heather,

Alongside thee,




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