Scotland’s Decision

Scotland, brave Caledonia, may see itself through a new lens on the 18th, as the Scottish Referendum drums up voters to the ballot. The decision is simple: yes or no.  Yes, Scotland should be it’s own country. No, Scotland should remain jointly with England. What lies in the hearts of the Scottish people are a different story and is yet to be seen.

Since the Wars of Scottish Independence and mighty Robert the Bruce, scores of ancestors, kith and kin to Scotland’s ancestry have appealed with bloody claymore and eloquent pen to achieve what may come to pass like a sigh under the decision of an ambivalent people. What Robert Burns could not achieve through wit or what Sir Walter Scott could not subdue with diplomacy, what neither the martyred William Wallace nor the exiled house of Stuarts could conquer-

March of the Guards Towards Scotland, Hogarth

March of the Guards Towards Scotland, Hogarth

the strength of the past has buckled under fate; rebellions quelled, leaders exiled, clans erased or fled from their highland roosts- the union all but swallowed Gaelic culture and the Scottish Clan system whole.

Perhaps Scotland’s decision on the 18th will be the catalyst for their cultural renaissance; that by breaking ties with the union they will shift and enter a new paradigm of a proud self-determination that their namesakes have fought and died for.

No, it is not ugly nationalism but an establishment of self and identity above agenda. It is a fresh beginning and a decision long past due.

My contribution to Scotland, regardless of the results on September 18th, 2014, is the digitalization of Andrew Lang’s, Prince Charles Edward Stuart, First Edition, 1900, by the Goupil Co., Manzi, Joyant & Co., Charles Scribner’s Sons. It is a limited, large format print, number 452 of 1500 copies made. It will be made available first as a PDF in the coming days and later, as an annotated book. The PDF will be free for all to view here, under, ‘library’ (or simply click this link). The text version is a work in a progress but will soon be ready by the end of the month.

Prince Charles Edward Stuart referred to as ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’, sailed to Scotland from France in 1740’s. Following in his father’s boots, James Francis Edward Stuart, he incited an open rebellion against Britain to reclaim the throne for the house of Stuarts.

Prince Charles Edward Stuart, Scanned Facisimile in Colour, Largilliere

Prince Charles Edward Stuart, Scanned Facsimile in Colour, Largilliere

The young pretender, Prince Charlie, bonded the highland clansman to fight under his banner in a war of unfathomable odds. The culminating battle was pitched on Culloden’s Moore. Stuart’s forces were no match for the Duke of Cumberland and the might of the Empire. The prince fled and the Duke of Cumberland swept through Scotland and devastated the people and land as retribution.

Sporrans and Dirks

Sporrans and Dirks

If you’d like to see Facsimiles, Portraits, etc. directly scanned from the text by Andrew Lang, please click on any image above to be directed to Foreign Sojourn on Flickr. Thanks!

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