Have a Pint!

Welcome dear readers, friends one and all. Feel free to browse and peruse, skip some lines, and pick up at another. These pieces are all together personal but open to the public and opinion. I wear my heart on my sleeve and a satchel of gleaming gems at my side.

My satchel full of Paulaner cans

About myself:  I seldom read and write in an idle manner, I often find inspirations in the settings and atmosphere of my surroundings; it is the combination of the journey and my faithful tomes that create experience.

Traveling for me is a lot like standing in the shallows of a wave break; Everything on the open road is new, changing and often, overwhelming; it is a constant pummeling of the senses. Though the tumult leaves me rough and spun about, perhaps sprawled in the sand at times, it can still be said that it is always exciting to be in an ocean. For me traveling is consequently living.

As of late, I have found myself rapt in an old-time of history, spanning a thousand years from the unswerving courage of Roland in the classic, The Song of Roland, to the chivalry of The Round Table and its Arthurian Romances-the heart-break of Isolde and Tristram! These centuries of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Whales, Scotland and France are where I have discovered my passions in reading and writing. In the more recent years, (perhaps not so recent,) I have enjoyed diving into historical fictions from authors such as Sir Walter Scott, especially, Waverley to the pomp and gaiety of Dumas’ in his D’Artagnan Romances. For poetry, I enjoy the French and the English: Gunga Din, Rudyard KiplingCharge of the Light Brigade, Tennyson, to the loud-mouthed 19th century French Baudelaire, in his stirring and heavily criticized series of poems, Fleurs du Mal. But the scrolled parchment unfurls to reveal ever more and ever more!

You can find my inspirations on all corners of the web too: thumb through some of my sibling sites like Imgur, a glimpse into some European encounters to Flickr, that reveals wonderful food pictures such as my foray to Vegas; eating my way through the Mirage Casino and equally my shout outs on Twitter You may also wish to visit and follow me on Instagram or Tumblr; a more personal look at the combination of my global adventures, interests, foods and romances.

Sincere thanks and best wishes in all your pursuits and aspirations,

The Proprietor

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