Mission Statement:

Joe Foley’s Foreign Sojourn, informally, Foreign Sojourn, is an exclusively online readers digest with hand-picked themes that primarily encompass adventure, global culture, cuisine, classic literature and romantic prose; its like a taste of fine scotch beside a fireplace as you reminisce over or yearn for passions and expeditions into the unknown.
The aim of this publication is to kindle your thirst for adventure, stoke the smoldering coals of your heart and inspire a proud yet classic and sophisticated creativity. It is my pleasure to introduce to you or share with you the topics that have been most near and dear to me in my pursuit of a life well lived. In this living and breathing portfolio you will find adventures to thumb through, travel tips to glean, poetry and interesting literature for perspective, cooking forays to relish and recipes to jot down. Follow me as I sharpen my page daily with content; adding new posts and materials, focusing on simplicity and functionality among the interface menus and pages.

Author’s Biography:

I began cooking at a cafeteria in an Air Force, JROTC, military-boarding school I attended named Randolph Macon Academy.  It is located an hour west of Washington DC, in the Shenandoah mountains of Virginia. My experience there was an all together not-too-bad kind of gig (in retrospect); it was early mornings and marching around in our crisp outfit of navy blues. I was assigned the the only paid position granted for students, The Captain of the Mess! Fancy, eh? Well besides that it was rather a good experience for my young self; I managed a squad of table cleaners and food servers and on the occasion we held special formal functions for alumni such as galas and banquets.

I graduated with a merit from the National Honor Society with a core emphasis in Spanish language and advanced English honors. I did not choose a military future; the first thing on my mind was to just hit the road like a wild animal shaking off this starched domesticity.
After a summer of cooking at a local pizza chain in Oceanside, California, I travelled to Oahu, Hawai’i at 19. It was a thinly veiled pretext of furthering my education in a university. That pretext gave way after a few semesters of Japanese and Chinese Language to the different ambition of seeing the world; digging into the open earth and maturing my person through the pursuit of my passions: food, literature and Adventure.

I travelled and took cooking jobs that presented themselves to me and it was during these foreign sojourns that I honed my skills and fueled my lust for life.  First, there was a Greek kitchen in Hawaii, (You’ll find an excerpt about it in my writing, Old Major, and it is in this writting the reason why I am remiss to call the restaurant by name.) a pizza kitchen in San Diego, An Irish pub in Washington DC, called James Hobans,  A personal chef in Dublin and to the last gig as the sous de patisserie and garde manger in Munich, the Free State of Bavaria at Bachmaier Hofbräu; I prepared the typical food of the region there which majorly consisted of rustic meats, brown savory sauces, dumplings and cheeses.
But those are just my adventures on the book! I take every opportunity to create, invent and astonish as this world is my passion.

Beyond food and eating and these such, stuffing, experiences, I have found myself a writer and a reader, rapt in an old-time of history, spanning a thousand years from the unswerving courage of Roland in the classic, The Song of Rolandto the chivalry of The Round Table and its Arthurian Romances- the heart-break of Isolde and Tristram, the fidelity and courage of Sir Gawain! These centuries of the united kingdom, Ireland, Whales, Scotland and France are where I find most of my inspirations for reading and writing.
In the more recent years (perhaps not so recent) I have enjoyed diving into historical fictions from authors such as Sir Walter Scott, especially, Waverley to the pomp and gaiety of Dumas’ in his D’Artagnan Romances. For poetry, I enjoy the French and the English with works such as Gunga Din, from the man who personified the last generation of the much dramatized era of English colonialism, Rudyard Kipling, to the dawning ages and blunder of modern warfare with the Charge of the Light Brigade by Lord Tennyson and even still to the loud-mouthed 19th century French Baudelaire, in his stirring and heavily criticized series of poems, Fleurs du Mal!

If you have any thoughts or comments, I would be delighted for you to share them. I am also more than happy to offer my critique, or suggestions likewise. Please note that all links I have chosen myself and are all reputable and interesting diversions!

You can find my inspirations on all corners of the web too: click through some of my sibling sites like Imgur, a glimpse into some European encounters, to Flickr, that reveals wonderful food pictures such as my pillage of Vegas; eating my way through the Mirage Casino and equally my shout-outs on Twitter. You may also wish to visit and follow me on Instagram or Tumblr; a more personal look at the combination of my global adventures, interests, foods and romances.
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If you are interested in reproducing my works or hiring my talents such as but not limited to, chef work, freelance or company writting, and or acting, please contact me at aforeignsojourn@gmail.com

Yours in utmost sincerity, wishing happiness and health to all,

Joe Foley


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  1. You are an amazing adventurer with a spirit for life that is fabulous. You are like a literary character come to life. This is so cool–Tia Susanna

  2. Hi there. Thanks for the follow over @WW! It was difficult for me to pop back over to you as your follow link gives the error “aforeignsojourn.wordpress.com doesn’t exist”. You may need to update this as you might be missing out on visitors. Cheers!

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