Rain and Fog- A Haunting Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia, the maritimes: A place of history and of wilderness



Maritime Supermarket Adventure and A Lobster Breakfast

I checked into a hostel when I arrived in Halifax, grabbed some gravy, cheese curd french fries proudly known as putine here in Canada, sunk a 14oz of Alexander Keith’s IPA and hit the  sack. (I’ll have to dedicate a seperate post dedicated to the IPA beer and the Putine fries.) With a belly full of grease and a head full of Canadian adventures to come, I slept like a stone.
When I awoke in the morning I knew that it was time to explore the supermarket for some breakfast. On the way, I ran into the man of Halifax himself, the founder, Edward Cornwallis in all his bronze splendor:



The foreigness of the Nova Scotian supermarket was not too alarming, save these sacks of milk…!

plastic sacks of milk!

Egad, plastic sacks of milk!

I didn’t puzzle long over these milk pouches and moved on but there I was, again faced by another strange thing- what on earth are these?

They are Fiddleheads and come frome the Fiddlehead Fern. I have never come across this vegetable before as a legitimate source of food in my travels, meaning I have seen fiddleheads grow but had no idea that they are cultivated for a food source. I snatched up a quarter pound of em’ and decided to serve them with…well what do I serve them with, I puzzled anew?
I looked across the market and found my immediate answer. I followed where my eyes had locked; they found some target that registered like an inspirational lightening bolt; it was none other than those famous red skeletal crustaceans bouncing about in a 50 gallon tank by an iced display of Cod and Mullet that captured by imagination. I didn’t wait for an attendant. I plunged my hand into the tub and plucked that 2 pounder in the front and said to the man in the white apron, can you steam this for me? He was startled but agreed with a nod.

A Crock of Maritime Gold.

A Crock of Maritime Gold.

I reckon you are paying attention but I’ll elaborate: You will be hard pressed to find better prices anywhere in the world. (Unless you talk to a fisherman or dive for em’ off the bay yourself!)
Here is the menu I created for my breakfast sup: Bacon Lobster Loaf with cheddar, garlic butter sauce and a side of boiled and lightly salted Fiddleheads. Lets take a look at the prep and the cooking on part 2(soon to come.) Slice of Lobster Loaf