20130823_144728Dear Guest,

This avenue of my foreign sojourns is dedicated to my love of food, to the aspirations of my chefdom, to my experiences accrued, to all the curious, hungry, spatula and whisk wielding food-nuts: This adventures for you.
Within are some tales, recipes, blurbs and photos from a culinary world I’ve had the pleasure to encounter on my foreign sojourns. Browse the buffet, loosen your belt and grab a plate- I hope you’re hungry! Here you can sit and relish cooking forays, fill-up on golden recipes and wash it all down with some sudsy alcoholic drink reviews from cocktails, beers and wines across the globe. If you have a taste for cravables and savorables, sweet and strong, exotic or mild, spicy and rich, then your carriage awaits… Follow me as I sharpen my page daily with content and material from my ceaseless treks as an aspiring chef, a gourmand and a friend!

I travelled and took cooking jobs that presented themselves to me and it was during these foreign sojourns that I honed my skills and fueled my lust for life.  First, there was a Greek kitchen in Hawaii, (You’ll find an excerpt about it in my writing, Old Major, and it is in this writting the reason why I am remiss to call the restaurant by name.) a pizza kitchen in San Diego, An Irish pub in Washington DC, called James Hobans,  A personal chef in Dublin and to the last gig as the sous de patisserie and garde manger in Munich, the Free State of Bavaria at Bachmaier Hofbräu; I prepared the typical food of the region there which majorly consisted of rustic meats, brown savory sauces, dumplings and cheeses.

But those are just my adventures on the book! I take every opportunity to create, invent and astonish as this world is my passion.

If you have any thoughts or comments, I would be delighted for you to share them. I am also more than happy to offer my critique, or suggestions likewise. Please note that all links I have chosen myself and are all reputable and interesting diversions!

Check out my latest works as food critic for this up and coming start up, Proof of Dining. (Just follow the links)
Thumb through some of my latest bites from proof of dining or over at my sibling sites like Imgur, a glimpse into some European encounters to Flickr, that reveals wonderful food pictures such as my foray to Vegas; eating my way through the Mirage Casino and equally my shout outs on Twitter  You may also wish to visit and follow me on Instagram or Tumblr; a more personal look at the combination of my global adventures, interests and food romances.
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If you are interested in reproducing my works or hiring my talents such as but not limited to, chef work, freelance or company writing, and or media talent, please contact me at

Yours in utmost sincerity, wishing happiness and health to all,

Joe Foley


One thought on “Food

  1. You are an amazing adventurer with a spirit for life that is fabulous. You are like a literary character come to life. This is so cool–Tia Susanna

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