Mission Statement

Joe Foley’s Foreign Sojourn, informally, Foreign Sojourn, is an exclusive, online readers digest with hand-picked and original content that encompasses adventure, global culture, cuisine, classic literature and romantic prose; its like gazing into fireplace as you recline on a favorite arm chair, resting your favorite book on your lap and wonder over your future expeditions into the unknown. Foreign Sojourn will stoke the passions of your adventurous heart and inspire a proud, yet classic and sophisticated creativity. It is my pleasure to pass forward the best experiences I’ve ever witnessed in my pursuit of a life well lived.

Joe Foley, proprietor.

You may travel through burning lands of prose and literature to question depths; you may climb the thicket of fruit trees and fall into the gourmands apple pie; you may best a perilous mountain vista to enter a bustling, cityscape; and you may do more yet! but plumb the depth of your ambition, it encompasses all.

Devil's Bridge FS



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