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A Jilted Lover- Available on Paperback @
This is a collection of romantic and aesthetic poetry. It acts a bridge to some of my most passionate experiences I’ve penned in the last few years. It is a Pastoral portrait of truth and love; a perspective of beauty and reality.

A quick read of aesthetic poetry.

A quick read of aesthetic poetry.

Branded Souls, Vol. 1, The Awakening
Available on kindle, paperback and a paperback

This is the my first whack at the fantasy fiction genre and I had a great time working with it. It has been a long time in development and I am happy to see it finally making it’s way into daylight. Here it is on the market @ CreateSpace eStore:

Dark Fantasy Fiction Novel

Dark Fantasy Fiction Novel

It’s Washington D.C. and a reluctant immortal is suffering from an existential crisis while on the other side of town an anxious teenager wants nothing more than to find love and for those pesky inanimate objects to stop harassing him; his hot-headed best friend’s carousing land them in a web of intrigue when an innocent dare turns their world upside down. A hardball Police Captain and a righteous Detective are set upon two seemingly distant cases which are ultimately bisected by a mysterious woman who is all too fond of a Sicilian sub shop in Cleveland Park. A supernatural and dangerous path swallow these unlikely characters into an alternate setting of chivalry, castles and dungeons where they must fight to restore their sanity and put a damper on a seething ancient evil.

Here is my Amazon Biography page: Joseph Foley @ Amazon




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