The Ocean No More

I have to live a life away from the Ocean,Ocean, April 2014 1 2
I’ve sold in pieces the vestments,
Worn to honor our marriage-
I’ve given the ring and all it’s luster,
The shining prize I’ve worn,
From the moment I’ve found feat,
To hold me steady,
I’ve given that ring to another,
It hurts and grieves me sick,
That each moment I am away,
I feel the stormy lash so bitter.
No more shall I rock in your surf,
Or bask in jewels,
That sparkle all about you,
When the sun is high,Ocean, April 2014 2
No more shall I revel in your honorable tempest,
Or feign retreat from,
Your battering squall,
Alas, I am inland-
It is so damnably dry.
The only salt I shall collect,
Are the tear drops from my eye-
No more will I be with my love,
No more shall I be by her side.

A Jilted Lover Promotional