Camping and Adventure at Lake Bistineau, Northwestern Louisiana


Louisiana RangesLake Bistineau of northwestern Louisiana is part of a state funded natural park.  There isn’t much of a lake due to several intentional drainings. (*as of August, 2013) An invasive species of fern began to flourish here 15 years ago and has since gotten to a point of such proliferation that it has caused waterways to be choked and nearly unnavigable for all boat and canoe type tourism.

Albeit, this nature is amazing. The lake bed has turned into a green meadow with herds of deer browsing and monarch butterflies floating by. Just beyond, in the shadowy pockets of mystic cypress trees, an enchanting setting awaits exploration; around the bend a squirrel pads around in damp mud.
The end of the summer is fantastic time to visit all these parks as they are off season and will be largely empty.

Lake Bistineau State Park
103 State Park Road
Doyline, LA 71023
For more info please email Paul Florence Park Manager at:
318-745-3503 Office
318-560-8519 Cell

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Events of Foreign Sojourn, Collage

Events of Foreign Sojourn, Collage

Dumas and the Repast of the Bastille

A great story is a great story; It’s almost as simple as that but what strikes me every time with Dumas and his writing style, (beside is his skill for dramatics and grand adventure) is the repasts he serves up. His detail of a sumptuous feasts, cellars of wines, sweet meats and grand fetes; all are are seamlessly woven into all of his novels; almost like embroidering streaks of delicious silver and gold into a grand tapestry. As a cook and a reader, this, for me is tops.
Let me give you one great example I read just the other day in, The Man in the Iron Mask-it is a repast that was being held at the Bastille of all places:

“He had a guest to-day and the spit turned more heavily than usual. Roast partridges flanked with quails and flanking a larded leveret*; boiled fowls; ham fried and sprinkled with white wine; cardons of guipuzcoa** and la bisque écrevisse***: these together with the soups and hors-d’oeuvre, constituted the bill of fare.”

All pictures belong to their respective authors.

*A leveret is a hare that is less than a year old.

**Guipuscoa is a province of spain and part of the Autonomous region of the Basque country; a cardon is a plant that is similar to a cactus. (Can anyone help me out here-I’m a bit at a loss myself.)

***A crawfish bisque: (Where better to find a good crawfish dish than Louisiana; from Tabasco hot sauce, here is there recipe.

Smokey Mountains

Smokey Mountains