A Relic

When I see features alike yours,
I’ll stop and stare till I am jostled from there.Relic, April 2014 1
I’ll try remove the memory jogged,
When I get to this thinking-
That I could bump into you once more,
Pangs inflame my chest,
My feet swell and these legs become uneven
And those steps become unmeasured.
Certainly, you’ve never considered this,
Have you?
If you see long locks of brown,
A cherub like smile,
With red cheeks laughing,
Is there a start inside of you,
that shakes and turns to think of me?
It can be said that I still see you,
Floating through a crowd,
Always far-off,
Moving away from me,
With a blonde sheen that catches rays from the sun,
or a mouth that opens at a flitting laugh,
To reveal the whitest flax of sheep ascending,
A beautiful hill.
I pause to collect a token from what you have left.
It stirs my heart a might tremulous,
It rattles me till I catch myself,
Blocking pedestrian traffic,
Stopping in a busy bus terminal,
Turning mid-sentence,
Staring out into nothing,Relic, April 2014 2 1
Hoping that it is you,
Who accidentally found me,
Or have searched to save me
And fill a bleakness with answer.
It can never be the case.
I’ll shuffle along,
Further away into the obscurity of the past,
To take a seat among,
Cast away relics of your mind,
Though conversely,
A relic i’ll fasten to leather,
And hang around my breast,
Like a sacred effigy,
A lesson,
An offering of penance to fate,
To have mercy on a shattered thing,
Who lost pieces of a childish naivety,
Whose pride was shorn to the quick,
Whose love burned up on a short-lived fuel.

A Jilted Lover Promotional