Dark Ebb

The surf had woken me (or was it the slapping of skin and shrill moans next door?) I stood and faced the window, a young woman was sleeping in the bed. An empty tequila bottle was on top of the night stand; some coins and crumpled Peso bills littered the counter.

I stood naked for a moment in the darkness at the edge of the bed. My heart beat fast- and faster yet as my ears and senses explored my waking surroundings.
Slapping. Moaning. A sharp cry. Slapping.
The pounding surf and roaring wind filtered in and mingled as an ambient percussion.
I moved slowly towards the broad door in a slow, hesitant way. What I had wanted lay beyond my own habitation and in the adjacent room. I turned to see if the being in the bed had stirred at my rousing or perhaps stirred at the oceans desire-
No, her breath was constant, stifled and she was still.
I turned once more, towards the door and reached for the brass handle, faintly illuminated by the trickling of light from the hall. I quivered and froze as I heard and listened to those noises that echoed through a cavernous stone house on a bluff by the sea.
I twisted the handle and pulled the door open. Slipping into a glowing hallway, the labored breaths and low sounds proceeded by quick gasps lay all but a pace before me. My heart beat a strange cadence and a warmness washed over my insides like some drunken inebriation. I felt blood in my eyelids, in my wrists and in my thighs. My back was against the door that I had exited and shut.
I perceived hands upon the door in front of me clawing and palming the wood from the other side like a cornered, primal thing.
I reached out and imagined the door ahead had been removed. What I seen there was a carnal and erotic thing. In my voyeuristic fantasy where my desire had painted bodies to match the lustful vibrations and calls, I shunned and cursed my own perversion.
I thought I had knocked. I placed my palm where hers might have been; the weight of her body supported and pressed like waves against the shore, but this, an utterly human force. My heart felt a squeeze at the cries and quickening frenzy of what was happening, almost, before me- A happening and circumstance that was none of my business or concern- but!
I thought I had heard my self call out in a low tone with my hand upon that door. I could make out her hot breath upon my neck and the hairs stood on end.
My hand would not raise to turn the knob nor push upon that portal. My feet would carry me no further and certainly not into that domain; A voyeuristic perversion that remained as that, impotent.
The surf was breaking now louder upon the shore. I heard thunder and turned away. I thought I had smelled the sea like a perfume on the night and felt her facing me with some darkness. The calls that I had heard and the vision of passion in the chamber ahead slipped from my want. I tidal force swept through the halls of that mansion by the sea and chilled me to the core.
I turned and gave no look behind as I slipped back into my own quarters to a girl I had shared and enjoyed early that evening.
I closed my eyes feeling quite alone and thought myself somewhere isolated and driven out, peaceful, on the crests of a cold, dark sea.